This is Joy‑Con™

One controller or two, vertical or sideways, motion controls or buttons…Joy‑Con and Nintendo Switch give you total gameplay flexibility.

Share the fun

Start a gaming party anytime with multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch. Use additional Joy‑Con controllers, Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers, or a combo of the two.

Parental controls
Keep the focus on fun by using parental controls to manage how your family interacts with Nintendo Switch.

You can manage Nintendo eShop purchases via your Nintendo Account. You may also limit sharing on social networks, restrict access to games based on their ESRB ratings, and more. A free app gives you even more choices and a handy way to manage your Nintendo Switch parental controls from anywhere via your mobile device.

– Compete against friends (or team up) at home.
– Play online with other Nintendo Switch gamers.
– Link up to eight systems together to play anywhere.


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